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Shores of Lahaina (Maui)

Shores of Lahaina (Maui)

"My interpretation of an ocean view of the West Maui’s mountains and world famous old Lahaina Town, which in the 1800’s was a bustling whaling mecca. And today a great restored tourist destination"  ~ Warren


  • Oil on Canvas
  • 28 x 34”
  • Framed 
  • Complimentary shipping/handling to all USA States

    You may note that some paintings I’m offering here are framed while many others are not.  If I framed them it’s usually because I entered them in an exhibit. If I’ve indicated “Framed”, please ask me and I will gladly send you an image. Some buyers prefer to arrange their own custom framing to suit their personal home décor preferences.  I agree!  In many instances, I can remove the frame and make a price adjustment for you.  So, please don’t hesitate. Just ask!


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